Advance Copy

Our Values, Our Future

17.07.20, World

I believe our path to creating a positive, healthy and diverse future in fashion is through the work of independent brands, companies that represent different corners of the world and solve pretty much everything that’s wrong with the industry.

Advance Copy has documented conversations with brands and boutique owners, sharing their stories to celebrate inspiring work outside of conglomerate fashion. With time I noticed that no matter the brand’s aesthetic, size or location certain anchoring beliefs would continuously pop up in different interviews. I decided to comb through Advance Copy’s archive to compile a shortlist of six values that drive our guests, brands like Cecilie Bahnsen, Holly Ryan, Aeron, Suku and Neous to challenge old systems and envision a new era of fashion.

By sharing these core principles, I hope to reveal how courageous independent brands are tackling big problems and writing new values for the future of fashion.

1. Courage
– Independent brands question and challenge existing models.
– Experimenting with new concepts they herald micro trends and industry shifts.

2. Versatility
– Small brands morph and flex thanks to multi-hyphenate employees and family-like units.
– They can change and develop to reflect new ideas and the world around them.

3. Kindness
– Personal and long-lasting relationships.
– Desire to create kinder, inclusive working environments.

4. Human Scale
– Personal responsibility for problem-solving.
– Ability to incite meaningful grass-roots change.
– Acting on human experiences and emotions.
– Sustaining other family-size companies, preserving skills and local jobs.
– Short chains of communication with customers and collaborators, bringing people together.

5. Openness
– Dissolving competitive boundaries: sharing information for common good.
– Accepting of unconventional approaches to work and working culture.
– Boutiques and studios provide physical spaces for open exchanges.

6. Creativity
– Creating subcultures and authentic snapshots of a time and place.
– Collaborate with networks of friends and local creatives based on a shared vision of the world.
– Boutique events reflect the direct interests of local communities.

Above are just some of the key points that I’ve accumulated from conversations with brands and boutiques which show how their work is essential to helping us build an exciting future in fashion, one that reflects values of modern society. I’m sure there are many many more and I invite you to share them with us.